Trigger Warning

I fought trigger warnings so hard. I firmly believe in accountability, and if you’re here looking for dark romance novels, my hope and assumption would be that you’re not a sensitive person who is out here deliberately looking for content that’s going to upset you.

That being said, maybe you’re new to the genre. Dark contemporary romance is a subgenre with more graphic/mature themes than traditional romance. Dark romance themes may include but are not limited to morally-gray characters, trauma, graphic violence and death, explicit language, alcohol and drug use or abuse, glorification of organized crime, stalking and obsession, revenge and vigilante justice plots, kidnapping, dubious consent, and/or BDSM elements. If all of that doesn’t sound like an excellent time to you…

Dark romance is not for everyone.

Whether you’re offended by the content in dark romance or could be triggered by it, I ask that you exercise self care and pass by my books.

I’m not interested in hurting anyone with my words.
Please read responsibly.