Review Policy

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclaimer

In accordance with FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements:  The books reviewed on the SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog are purchased by the reviewer, borrowed from the library, or obtained from the author and/or publisher by mail, email, NetGalley, or Edelweiss.  The SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog does not receive any monetary compensation in return for the reviews and/or endorsements which appear on this site.  Receiving a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review in no way affects the review as it is the reviewer’s opinion of the book.

All Amazon links featured on the SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog are Amazon Affiliate links.  If a purchase is made via one of those links, we make a small percentage of the sale.  Please see Amazon’s Affiliate website for details.

Genres We Review

We review Adult and New Adult Romance in the following sub-genres:

– Contemporary Romance
– Paranormal Romance
– Historical Romance

For all others not listed, or if it’s not clear where your book falls, just contact us to discuss.

SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog reviews are written from a fair and honest point of view.  Please remember, the opinions expressed are the reviewers’ opinions and represent the reviewers’ personal tastes. SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog allows multiple reviewers to review any given title, thus offering varying opinions.

ARC’s & Galley Bound Copies

We gladly accept advanced review copies (ARC’s)/galley bound copies to review, as well as books which have been released already.  If you are sending us an ARC/galley copy for review, we will try our hardest to get the review up on, or very close to, the book’s release date.  Just remember, if you want a review done by the book’s release date, we need enough time to plan on the book being in our schedule.

We happily accept print copies.  However, we encourage publishers and authors to contact us before sending a copy.  This allows us to reach out to the team to make sure there is someone interested in reviewing the title before you waste the time and money to send us a copy.

Print copies can be sent to:

Jena Gregoire
c/o SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog
40 Boston Hill Rd.
Andover NH 03216

We happily accept ebooks for review.  We are not opposed to the advancement of the electronic age!  However, we do not have every ereader on the market.  The formats we can accept are as follows:
– Kindle books (gifted from Amazon or .prc files)
– PDF (Portable Document Format)
– .mobi files
– .epub files


Ebook, Print, and Audio Book Pirating

Books supplied to SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog, whether it be physical, audio, or electronic, will never be duplicated, sold, rented, or otherwise distributed in any way by the SEDUCTIVE Reads Book Blog or a Pure Textuality PR staff member (administrators of the blog) without written permission of the author and/or publisher.


Our Rating System

Our reviews are written in a simple format with no ratings:
– What We Liked
– What We Didn’t Like
– Who We Would Recommend The Book To

This allows the person reading the review to still form their own opinion on whether or not they would like to purchase the book.


Review Submissions

If you would like to submit your book(s) for review, please email with the following information:
– Book Title
– Author
– Publisher (If Applicable)
– Genre
– Release Date
– Book Synopsis
– Cover Image

Once your book’s info has been received, it will be sent out to the SEDUCTIVE Authors.  If anyone opts to read your book, we will contact you back to request a copy.  Please do not send the book in the initial request.

PLEASE NOTE:  Submitting your request does not guarantee a review.