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New Release & Free Book Offer! Rashe by Ava Ross – Includes an Excerpt!

She’s looking for happily-ever-after. He doesn’t dare touch her. But with her life at stake, he’ll sacrifice everything to protect her. Kristy: Chosen for the Driegon bride selection, I’m confident I’ll meet the alien of my dreams. I don’t expect to find true love, but it would be nice to find someone special. Three weeks…

New Release & Free Ebook Offer! Drace by Ava Ross – Includes an Excerpt!

Can a fierce alien dragon warrior claim his mate before she’s stolen from him forever? Aria: Determined to overcome my scaredy-cat status, I make a dare-me checklist. First on the list? Sign up for the Driegon mail-order bride selection. I didn’t expect to be accepted or to fall for one of the Driegons—a seven-foot-tall, scaled…

New Release & Giveaway! Wulf by Ava Ross – Includes an Excerpt!

He’s a rough Vikir warrior. She’s a mostly proper librarian. Can an Earthling woman and a green-scaled alien find love together in the stars? After she’s kidnapped by blue-skinned aliens, Taylor escapes and bails from an alien space station in a shuttle she has no clue how to drive. She crash lands on a nearby…

SEDUCTIVE New Release & Freebie Alien Romance Download! Bryk by Ava Ross

Will a hot-blooded, seven-foot-tall, scaly green alien meet his match in a feisty woman from Earth? After losing her husband, Sadie is afraid of getting her heart broken again. On a dare, she signs up for the Extraterrestrial Matchmaking Service, and she’s paired with Bryk, a seven foot tall, scaled alien from a distant world….