Review: Surrender by Brooklyn Cross

The glimmer of hope I held was shattered.

Happiness was yanked away from me all over again by the same person that broke me at fifteen. Whether he’d done the deed or not didn’t matter. My mind only saw his face lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.

Kaivan McMillan ripped open the scars on my soul and let them bleed.

There was not a part of me left that didn’t ache, not a piece that wasn’t shredded by the cruelty of fate…or was it?

When you ran from your past, you’d better be prepared for it to chase you, and chase me they did.
Would I survive another round with the demons of my past, or would they take me down forever?

Avery’s Thoughts About the Book

A Worthy Ending to a Wild Ride!

Surrender is the back half of the Lost Souls MC: Snake duet and the author makes the characters work for their happy ending. It does not get handed to them easily and I won’t even promise everyone makes it out alive…

We’re dropped back into the story immediately following the events of Malice. Raine/Tink is on the run and Avro has laid down the gauntlet. He tells Kai that he’s the reason she’s running so it’s on him to get her back. However, the Tink who ran is not the Tink he faces off with when he catches up to her. We see Raine go through some major growth in this half of the story. She’s got spine, fire, and refuses to be put in a position to choose. She wants all three of them or none of them at all. Of course, shit goes sideways a few times so it’s not as simple as all that. All three guys have their qualities. Avro is a sweetheart. Kai is a lovestruck monster. Jace falls somewhere in between the two. It makes for a nice well-rounded reverse harem crew.

There is also a lot going on in Surrender apart from the spicy romance. There is big drama happening with the MC. Kai tried warning the club in Malice (book one) that they were exposed and he’s proven right almost immediately in Surrender. The action sequences having to do with club business are really well written and have some serious Sons of Anarchy vibes. My questions and concerns about Wilder remain. There is a note at the end of the book about where to look for answers regarding certain storylines but I’m not spoiling it.

Heat Level

Avery’s Rating

Tropes Used
Reverse Harem/Why Choose
MC / Biker Romance
Past Trauma
Graphic Violence
BDSM Elements

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The review copy of this book was read through the Kindle Unlimited reading program.

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