A Note From Avery: My Review Ratings Guide

It occurred to me that I jumped right into posting reviews and never did a post about my ratings and what they mean. So…

Overall Rating

The little black heart rating indicates my summary thought of the book.

DNF / Did Not Finish
But in all reality, you will probably never see one of these because
what the fuck is the point of posting about a book you didn’t finish?

Not great, but not awful.

A solid, entertaining read.

Liked it enough to re-read one day.

LOVED! Will recommend to an annoying degree.

Heat Rating

One blushing virgin short of a Disney flick.

There is sexy time but not one single person gets choked.

A decent R-rated party.

May get you banned from churches.

This book will murder you if you have a heart condition.

You can also find the link to the Ratings Guide
at the bottom of every review blog post and
up in the navigation menu of the website.

Thanks for reading along!

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