Free Romance Read! Grumpy Billionaire Fiancé by E.S. Lynn

He’s a grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO…and my brother’s best friend. 

Plus, we can hardly stand each other.

He says I’m a know-it-all. Well, I do know that he’s full of himself.

And he thought I‘d agree with his ridiculous plan.

I should have said no, but I get a real vacation and a promotion.

I thought it would be easy until his lips brushed against mine, and our bodies touched. 

He says it’s all for practice. 

Then we end up together…in bed

Major panic.

That wasn’t supposed to happen. 

It was only supposed to be for a business deal.

If my brother found out, he’d lose his mind.

So we act like nothing happened.

But I don’t know how long my heart can pretend.

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