Review: Pay For Play by Victoria Ashley & Hilary Storm – That’s all the info you need to get off in the privacy of your own home, car or hell… even in a public fu*king library.

Whatever gets you wet.

I never expected a million-dollar business to come out of touching myself on camera, but when you add in nine of your best guys, the women become hungry and the money begins flowing faster than you can spend it.

You want to see me take my shirt off, I’ll strip it off nice and slow, making you sweat in anticipation.

You want to see me touch my di*k, I’ll stroke every hard inch of it, getting you off before you can even feel it creeping up on you.

Your money.

Your Alpha.

Your demand.

Now I just hope playing for her on camera will pay off enough for me to claim her outside of the computer screen.

Avery’s Thoughts About the Book

Deliciously hot smut.

The series premise is all wrapped around, a webcam website run out of a mansion filled with a veritable cornucopia of hot boys, all covered in tattoos and extra bumpy in just the right places. This first book is focused on Lynx and he’s the alpha of the house.

Lynx is exactly what you’d expect from someone in his position. He’s cocky as hell (pun fully intended), a total man whore, and he’s a bit of an asshole. When I first cracked the book, I honestly worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get into the book due to complete and total lack of sympathy for him. However, that quickly ebbed as I got to know him more.

The female lead, Rebel, is kind of awesome. She will make your head spin a little though because she goes from being sort of modest at one point to pulling a stunt so very over the top that you will not see it coming at all.

Rebel also has a room mate name Remi. Remi is that friend who you would love to have but would also TERRIFY you. She doesn’t push Rebel to step outside of her comfort zone. She violently shoves Rebel out of it, but it ends up being good for her.

Overall, this was a great, quick read. The plot is solid and a lot of fun. These characters will have you laughing, crying, and blushing in the span of minutes. One of the things we talked about on the podcast is smooth blending when it comes to co-written novels, and Pay For Play has it nailed. None of the signature choppy tells of a co-written book are there. Obviously, if you’re a fan of either author, you’re going to love this book. However, if you’ve never read their stuff, I would compare Pay For Play to the likes of Kendall Ryan mixed with Kendall Grey. Hot and hilarious all rolled into one.

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