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He gave me one night—one hot, steamy night. I ended up with more than I bargained for after I walked away from him. I was a fool to think that I could go back to my life in the city and just forget about the sexy firefighter. Now, I need his help—not just for my sake, but for our son’s. He’s the only person I can trust; the only one I can run to and if he turns us away, I won’t be able to keep my little boy safe.

She was my second chance at something I never thought I wanted—a family. Now she’s standing in my doorway, telling me the kid she’s holding is mine. Sure, he looks just like me and she even gave him my dad’s name, but that doesn’t make him mine. She’s not mine either—never was, but this might just be my lucky day. The only catch? I don’t believe in luck or second chances. That kind of thinking gets people killed in my line of work and I won’t end up like my old man. Hellfire will rain down before I let anything happen to them.


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About the Book

by K.L. Ramsey

Alphas in Uniform

Contemporary Romance


Publication Date
March 20, 2020

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An Alphas in Uniform Novel
© 2020 K.L. Ramsey

“So, you are ready for things to get messy, Dane? Because my entire life is a disaster—messy doesn’t even begin to cover it.” Reese laughed at her own statement even though there was really nothing funny about it. Her life was a construction zone without the warning signs and flashing lights.

“I like a good fixer-upper,” Dane teased. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty,” he said, flexing his fingers into her hips. She was thinking of all the parts of Dane she’d like to make dirty.

“So, when you were talking about taking things slowly, how slow were you planning on going?” she questioned. Suddenly, the idea of Dane wanting to pump the brakes on what was so obviously happening between the two of them only made her want him more.

“I think we should wait to have sex, Reese. If we just jump into bed together now, where does that leave us?” he asked.

“Satisfied,” she pouted. Dane chuckled but she found the whole thing a lot less funny.

“Believe me, I want this every bit as much as you do, Reese. I’m just willing to wait to make sure we don’t end up living in two separate states again after our night together ends,” he said, pushing a strand of her brown hair back out of her eyes.

“Will you at least kiss me good night?” she asked, not hiding her pout. “Please,” she added.

“If you promise to behave yourself, yes,” he whispered. Dane dipped his head down to gently kiss her mouth but Reese had other ideas. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his body down to hers to deepen the kiss. She loved the feel of his hard body pressed up against her own. It had been so long since she had felt this much desire for any man—three years to be exact and with the same man who currently had her pinned up against his body, kissing her senseless.

“Dane, please,” she whimpered, shamelessly rubbing herself against his jean-clad erection. She was willing to beg him if that was what it would take but not having Dane take her back to his room to spend the whole night reminding her just how well they fit together, felt wrong. One way or another, she needed to end up in his bed and she would use all her ploys to get there.


Reese had her hot little body practically wrapped around his and it took every ounce of his restraint to tell her no—because he wanted to give in to everything they both obviously wanted.

“Dane,” Reese whispered against his lips, “I need you.” He groaned and took a step back from her effectively untangling her from his body. His cock protested and he had to agree what he was about to do sucked but it was the only way to prove to them both they could work this time.

“We can’t,” he groaned. “Reese, I want you for more than just one night, baby. We’ve already talked about this, remember? We’re going to take it slow this time; get to know each other for the sake of our son. It won’t be fair to Cole if we jump into bed together and don’t try to build what we both want.”

“I know,” Reese moaned, “I remember our conversation, but right now all I can think about is you taking me back to your bed and making me yours again.” Dane closed his eyes, not able to erase the mental image of having Reese in his bed or under his body again. He’d give just about anything for it to happen but one of them needed to keep their head and priorities straight.

Dane dipped his head, stealing one more quick kiss from her soft, wet lips. He knew if he took more from her he’d give in to her request and drag her back to his bed. “Good night, Reese,” he murmured, causing her to pout.

“You don’t sound very happy about telling me goodnight, Dane,” she taunted. Reese was right, he was pretty fucking pissed about not taking her back to his room.

“Well, I’m not. But, this is for the best, baby,” Dane said. “I’ll see you and Cole in the morning, honey,” he promised. Dane knew if he didn’t turn away from her now, he never would. He walked down the hall to his room and didn’t chance a look back. If he saw her needy and breathless watching him walk away from her, he’d turn back around and give her what she wanted—what they both seemed to want.

He shut his door and made his way back to his bathroom, needing a shower. Hell, he needed to get off. He stripped out of his clothes and stepped under the warm spray and groaned while palming his throbbing cock. He leaned back against the cold tiles and thrust his dick into his hand thinking how much he wanted Reese’s sweet little lips around his cock, sucking him deep into her hot mouth. Dane closed his eyes allowing visions of her lying across his bed with her legs wrapped around his waist to assault him. He knew jacking off into his hand wasn’t ever going to be enough to stay the lust she brought out in him just by being in the same room.

“That’s so hot,” she moaned. Dane opened his eyes to find Reese standing on the other side of the shower door watching him through the glass. She sent him a pleading look and he couldn’t tell if she was asking him to finish getting off or let her join him. He didn’t have to figure it out once Reese started stripping. His breath hitched as she slipped her shirt over her head, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra. Dane’s mouth watered at the idea of wrapping his lips around her taut nipples. She seemed to read his mind, stripping faster.

“Please don’t tell me no,” she begged, opening the door to step through the spray of water and into his arms. “I need you too much for you to turn me away now, Dane,” she whispered.


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About the Author

Romance Rebel fighting for Happily Ever After!

K.L. RAMSEY currently resides in West Virginia (Go Mountaineers!). In her spare time, she likes to read romance novels, go to WVU football games and attend book club (aka-drink wine) with girlfriends.

K.L. enjoys writing Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, and Sexy Ménage! She loves to write strong, capable women and bossy, hot as hell alphas, who fall ass over tea kettle for them. And of course, her stories always have a happy ending.

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