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The first novel in the Raiden Warriors series by Denna Holm…

When Abby Harris takes her faithful German shepherd out for a hike in Oregon’s beautiful mountains, getting abducted by aliens isn’t even a blip on her radar. Her trusty can of bear spray and pocket knife aren’t much help against the seven-foot monsters who swoop in out of nowhere to transport her to a ship in space.

Nicolai Nekbet is Crown Prince for the House of Nekbet on the planet Raiden. Unable to bear healthy children with females of their own species, Raiden warriors must hunt for a bride outside their own world. Nicolai has his heart set on a human even though their planet is protected by an ancient species called Laizahlian. When he sees the tall blonde-haired beauty out in the mountains with only a dog by her side, he knows he must have her.

With Abby safely on his ship, Nicolai injects her with his shaprata, his essence. His shaprata will change her on a cellular level, making them compatible for procreation, but he must still work hard to win her heart. If she rejects their union, it could easily mean his death.


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About the Book

Claimed By Nicolai
by Denna Holm

Raiden Warriors

SciFi & Fantasy
Romantic Fantasy

Crimson Cloak Publishing

Publication Date
April 22, 2019

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A Raiden Warriors Novel
© 2019 Denna Holm


Abby didn’t say much on the walk back to their quarters, refusing to acknowledge the crew members who stopped to bow to her. Not that he cared what they thought, his worry only for his mate. “We’re here,” he said. “The door will open by voice command from the inside. Out here, you must touch your palm to the sensor. No one except you and I can enter without permission.” Except Rafa, his second in command, but Nicolai wouldn’t tell his mate this. Though Rafa would never hurt Abby, he didn’t want her to worry about him. “Would you like to try?”

“Um, I guess.” Abby reached up and pressed her palm to the sensor. The door opened soundlessly, and she stepped inside, immediately putting distance between them. “I think I want to be alone for a while, okay? I’m gonna . . .  take a nap, I guess. I think I’m kinda tired. It’s been a . . . weird couple of days.” The last was barely a whisper.

Nicolai nodded as she moved toward the bedroom, aware his mate had finally started to accept her fate. He stiffened when she stopped in the doorway to their sleeping quarters, taking a step back, her face turning bright pink as she turned to glare at him. 

“I think you forgot about someone,” she sneered. “Asshole.”

Nicolai scowled as he walked over to the open doorway, having no clue what she meant. He stopped, shocked to find his favorite concubine in their bed, obviously naked. Impossible. How had Aziza managed to enter their quarters? Someone in security was in trouble. “What are you doing here, Aziza? I did not call for you,” he growled in their native tongue, relieved he had yet to fit Abby with a translator. 

“Nicolai,” Aziza replied, sitting up, the sheet falling away from her bare breasts. “You’ve not called for me in more than two weeks. I’ve missed you.” She smiled and licked her lips, her gaze shifting to Abby for a moment, her smile changing to a smirk before she added, “And I’m sure you must be missing me. I came here to take care of your needs.” Her gaze dropped to his groin, lingering there.

Though she couldn’t possibly understand what was being said, Abby snorted, easily reading the situation as she glared at Nicolai. “What the hell is this, Nick? I guess you can take me back home now since you already have a mate. Right?”  

“Leave, Aziza, now!” Nicolai growled, furious with the concubine. He lowered his voice when Abby flinched beside him. “How dare you foul our bed with your stench!” 

Aziza raised her eyebrows in surprise, then scowled as she shifted her angry gaze toward Abby. “She’s ugly, Nicolai,” she said in English. “Such a pale, putrid color. Our people will never accept such a pathetic creature. It won’t matter that you plait her colorless hair in the pattern of a queen. You should have injected your shaprata into one of your own, not this . . . thing! Look how she talks to you, the lack of respect. The female doesn’t understand the honor you placed upon her, my prince. She will never fully accept you. How can she, born of such a barbaric planet as Earth? You are a Raiden prince, heir to the throne! You deserve so—”

“Silence!” he yelled, teeth grinding as he clenched his jaws. “You dare dishonor your future queen!” Nicolai took a deep breath, trying to rein in his rage, aware it would only frighten Abby. Switching to his native tongue, he growled out, “One more word and I’ll have your traitorous tongue cut out.” 

Her face still bright pink, Abby stared from Aziza to him. The concubine chuckled when she slapped his hand away. “I know where I’m not wanted,” Abby hissed, turning to leave, only the door exiting their quarters had already closed. “Open,” she said. 

Nicolai stepped into the living area of their quarters and quickly countered her command, then ordered the door locked in his native tongue. 

“Open the flipping door, Nick,” Abby said, her voice low, furious. When nothing happened, she slapped at the wall. “Open, you piece of shit door!” She growled with frustration. “Let me out.” She whirled, glaring at Nicolai as she motioned toward their sleeping quarters. “As soon as I get outta here, you and your girlfriend can have at it. I don’t want to listen while you fuck someone, Nick. And I really don’t care to watch.”

“Abby,” Nicolai said gently. He walked slowly toward her, his hand raised, as though trying to calm a wild beast. “I did not invite Aziza here. In fact, I’m not sure how she gained entry to our quarters, but I promise to get to the bottom of it. This will never happen again, you have my word.” He started to reach out to her cheek. 

“Your word? What a crock! Don’t touch me,” she snarled, her expression still angry as she took a seat, arms crossed over her chest. 

Nicolai sighed when Abby refused to look at him. He would go take care of Aziza and give his mate time to cool down. Furious beyond reason, Nicolai strode into his sleeping quarters, ripping the covers off a smug Aziza before he jerked her out of the bed. He ignored her pitiful cries as his claws cut through the tender skin of her arm. Afraid he might kill her, he dragged her kicking and screaming toward the door, unlocking it before he growled, “Open.” Then he threw her out naked into the hall. “Never come back here, Aziza. If you do, I’ll have you ejected alive through the disposal hatch. You’ll be reassigned once we reach Raiden, somewhere far away from the palace. Perhaps one of the lesser Houses will accept a traitorous bitch like you.” 

She cowered from her spot on the floor, trying to cover her nakedness from the few crew members walking the passage. As they hurried by, no one stopped to ask questions, nor did they offer assistance to Aziza. 

“Close and lock,” Nicolai growled, shutting his eyes as he pressed his forehead against the wall. He gave himself a few seconds to rein in his anger and then walked toward the sitting room. Abby hadn’t moved from her chair, her posture stiff, her eyes locked on one of the viewing screens, purposely ignoring him. “Let me try to explain.”

“Go away. I don’t wanna hear any of your pathetic excuses. You people are all flipping crazy around here. I can’t believe I almost started to fall for this bullshit. Just leave, Nick. I mean it. And I want my freakin’ dog! You said Quin would be here when we got back.”

“I’ll go find him for you. I’m sure he’s fine.” 

Nicolai sighed, feeling a headache coming on. What else could go wrong? He decided it might be best to let Nadiri handle Abby’s frustration and anger. His mother had insisted he bring his old nanny, wisely suspecting he might need an older female to help calm his frightened mate. When his shaprata first began to swell, he’d tried to convince his mother to come with him, but she refused. It was no secret that she abhorred the Raiden method of claiming a mate, having been abducted herself by his father. She understood why they must take a mate from another species, but disliked how they went about it, thinking males should woo the female first, not after they’d already tied her to them. Having an old lover show up at an inopportune moment hadn’t been on Nicolai’s list of problems to face, though maybe it should have been. He’d always known Aziza wanted more than her station in life offered.



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About the Author

DENNA HOLM  | A retired FEI competitor in dressage, she earned her United States Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver Medals. After Denna retired from training and showing horses, she decided to try her hand at writing novels in paranormal and science fiction romance. She used the unique personalities of her many wonderful students to help bring life to her characters. 

Denna and her husband Lee make their home in the beautiful State of Oregon with their two loyal German shepherds, one energetic border collie, and two very spoiled cats. Animals are given a special place in her novels, their offer of unconditional love a lifeline in this difficult world. Denna and Lee enjoy spending time camping and fishing with their children and grandchildren.

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