New Release! Someone Like Her by Brittni Huyck


She had big dreams of her own, and being married to the military wasn’t one of them. So Lennox Coleman did the unimaginable and walked away from the only man she ever loved in pursuit of being an attorney in the big apple… at least that’s what it looks like to the outside world.

With her father on his deathbed, Lennox finds herself back in the town she has avoided for the past twelve years. Memories of her past are waiting around every corner in Iron City and it’s only a matter of time before the skeletons she’s kept hidden so well find their way back out.


Letting go of Lennox all those years ago basically destroyed him. Life after that for Graham Thomas consisted of nameless hookups to dull the pain and help him forget the one that got away. Until he met Emma. Sweet Emma, Graham’s fiancé, came into his world and put all of the pieces he didn’t even know were missing back together.

For the first time, he feels whole again. Or so he thought.

What happens when Graham and Lennox find themselves back in town, at the same time, just weeks before the big wedding? Is it possible to be just friends with someone who might still hold the key to your heart?




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