SEDUCTIVE New Release! Nice Day for a White Wedding by Georgia Le Carre

I need a fiancée.

A fake fiancée and she couldn’t just be anyone.

She had to fulfill three very important criteria.

1) She had to be cool-headed, unflappable, strong, and convincing enough to fool my manipulative, grasping, greedy relatives.

2) She had to be so charming my great aunt will fall in love with her.

3) She had to be stunningly beautiful or nobody would believe the heir and successor of the Obolensky fortune had picked her to be his wife.

There was only one woman I could think of who embodied all those qualities. How to convince her to play the part…

My three best friends are hitched and deliriously happy, and sometimes I wonder if I’m missing out, but then I tell myself I have a different dream. It’s on the back burner because I’m saving up. One day I won’t be the manager of someone’s casino I’ll be the manager of my own casino.

I’m not greedy. Even a small casino, something like the one where I’m working at presently would do.

And then a man, a dangerous, mysterious, delicious man, walks into the casino.

He dangles my dream right in front of me. The problem is he is two dreams mixed up in one.

Suddenly the other dream, the one I had buried deep in my heart took a big gasping breath and pushed its way to the surface.

Suddenly, all I wanted was what my best friends wanted.

But all he was offering was the other casino dream.

Not the secret dream…

NOTE: This book has characters that have been in some of my previous books however it is a full length standalone story with HEA.



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