SEDUCTIVE New Release! Broken by Alexis Winter

“He wanted what wasn’t his.”
He stops moving but doesn’t let go of me.
He has a look in his eye…Intense. Predatory. Claiming.
“But I’m not yours either.”
“Tonight, you will be.”

The moment she made that stupid bet with me I should have walked away.

Pretend to be her boyfriend at her high school reunion.

Instead, I lean in and whisper: “Girl, I’ll show you things you didn’t even know existed and make other guys you’ve been with seem like boys.”

I knew I couldn’t resist her perfectly plump lips, the curve of her delicious hips.

What I didn’t expect?

To fall for her. To crave her. To need her.

She thinks I’m just a reformed criminal with a history of bad mistakes and prison time

But the truth is, the demons from my past are knocking down my door.

Tori Brennan may act like a tough talking ball buster

But I know better.

She wants everything I can’t give her.

Happiness, love, safety.

There’s only one thing I can give her…

A broken heart.



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