SEDUCTIVE Excerpt & Giveaway! Her Highlander by Alice Wilde

Three gorgeous shifters. A queen on the run. One thrilling Scottish adventure.


The king is dead, I’ve run away from my throne, and my new husband is hunting me down.

My name is Annalise, and I am a runaway queen. But I’m not abandoning my people.

I’ve just found out that I’m the supposed key to unleashing a dark magic upon the world…and I’ve learned this from my pet leopards nonetheless. I’d try to explain, but I don’t think that will make things any less confusing.

Now, I must journey to Scotland with three massive, and ridiculously beautiful, shifters in tow to try to convince Roan’s kin to help us defeat my husband. I have a lot to learn and long ways to go. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I am determined to make it with the help of Li, Ero…and Roan.


My green-eyed leopard.

My redheaded lover.

My highlander.

HER HIGHLANDER is a full-length slow-burn reverse-harem fantasy novel and the second in the Royal Shifters series.


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About the Book

Her Highlander
by Alice Wilde

Royal Shifters Book Two

Paranormal Romance
Slow Burn Reverse Harem Romance

Red Empress Publishing

Publication Date
January 31, 2019

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Screams filled the room as women hurried about, the scent of warm blood and sweat heavy in the air.

“Hush, my lady,” the midwife said as she wiped the sweat from Lady Artair’s forehead. “The child will be here soon. Breathe.”

“It has to be a boy. It just has to be,” Lady Artair whimpered softly.

“All we can do is hope.”

Lady Artair panted as she wiped a strand of raven black hair from her forehead and then cried out as another contraction overpowered her senses.

“Push, dear, push! I can see the child’s head!”

Silence fell over the room as everyone froze in place with whatever task they had been carrying out a moment before, and then a baby’s cry rang out. The tension that had been building over the past several hours broke with a collective sigh of relief.

“What is it, Jenny?” Lady Artair asked as the midwife twisted and cut the umbilical cord and then reached for some clean cloth.

“It’s a boy,” Jenny replied.

Lady Artair smiled as she closed her eyes and lay back to rest. “Good. My husband will be pleased.”

The midwife walked away to wipe the babe clean, admiring the velvety softness of his red hair and fair skin. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet, but she was certain they were just as beautiful. Jenny had delivered a great number of children, but this was the first boy for the Artair family. And the only with red hair. Finally, they had an heir. Not that the lassies were any less, but these were dangerous times and a man-child would strengthen the family name. Now, he just had to survive to adulthood.

Cleaning the last of the birthing fluids from the baby, Jenny turned back to return the child to Lady Artair. “What will you name him, my lady?”

But before Lady Artair could answer, the baby’s eyes fluttered opened to reveal the most piercingly green eyes Jenny had ever seen. She gasped in surprise and tripped, sending the small child tumbling out of her arms. Time seemed to slow as mouths flew open in fear and astonishment.

The sound that should have come next never came.

There, lying on the hard floor was a small bundle, but the bundle was no longer a red-headed baby. It was a snow leopard cub pressed safely against the stone on its four large paws. Not a second later, the cub was once again the small babe now lying naked atop his swaddling clothes.

Jenny snatched the child off the floor, quickly re-wrapping him in the cloth.

“I…My lady…” Jenny stumbled over her words.

“Bring the child to me,” Lady Artair snapped, but out of fear rather than anger.

Jenny stepped to the bed and placed the babe in Lady Artair’s arms. Her eyes roved over the child’s body expertly, calculating the damage.

Lady Artair caressed the child with her fingers as only a mother can. “He’s perfect, no harm done.”

Jenny sighed along with the rest in relief before small whispers twittered about the room.

Lady Artair’s eyes flashed in anger as she glared at the women in the room. “None of you shall speak of what happened. Magic may run deep within this country, but I will not have my son’s inheritance stolen by it. If one of you so much as breathes a word of this, I will have you sent to live among the Fae.”

The lady’s heads dipped in acknowledgment and they returned to their tasks in silence.

“What of his name, my lady?” Jenny asked to break the tension.

Lady Artair was quiet for the space of a moment before replying with a soft smile on her face. “His name is Roan. Roan, my little redhead.”


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About Alice Wilde

ALICE WILDE grew up with a love of reading and spent her teens writing and submitting her essays as fantasy stories, much to the annoyance, but often high marks, of her teachers. Now, she spends much of her days writing historical fantasy paranormal romances (filled with gorgeous men and, of course, magic) that she hopes will spark a flame in readers as much as they do in herself.

Alice is currently living with her cat in a bustling city she never sees much of, as she’s too busy dreaming up, writing down, and living in her next paranormal RH romance, though she generally finds enough time for a real life date or two… We all need a bit of inspiration now and again, right?

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